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For our children

JCD Helps Bullock County Social Justice Foundation Raise Funds for Little League Park

The Little League Park in Union Springs has a new addition. In February of this year, Coach Kelly Putnam recognized a need at the little league park and told local attorney Christy Crow, "For our children to be competitive, we have to get a... batting cage at the little league park." That was all Christy needed to start fundraising efforts. With help from the Bullock County Social Justice Foundation, she challenged some out of town friends with a dollar for dollar match and raised the money necessary to get the project started. Kelly contacted Ace Tech and they built the frame. After they got everything together, Billy Gholston and city employees erected the structure.

"This is another great example of our community joining together to make good things happen," Crow said. "Our children deserve the best and, when we work together, we can give it to them."

Many thanks to all of the donors, Ace Tech, and the City of Union Springs.