Luverne, Alabama Personal Injury Attorneys

Luverne, Alabama, the Friendliest City in the South the county seat of Crenshaw, is proud of its traditional past and pleased with its exceptional home town qualities. Luverne was recently named as one of the top ten small towns in America and is home to around 2,800 people. Luverne was home to Chester Adams, a 7th round draft pick by the Chicago Bears in 2007. Luverne, like many other towns, had its beginning because of the railroad.

In 1886, the Montgomery and Florida Railroad company began purchasing land in Crenshaw County for right-of-way for a railroad which would run from Sprague Junction in Montgomery County to Crenshaw County. By 1890, it boasted nineteen businesses and a population of approximately 1,000 people. In 1893 a vote by the people moved the county seat from Rutledge to Luverne where a new courthouse was constructed. The booming young town which just four years earlier was a pine forest, had become the center of business, government and social events for Crenshaw County.

The personal injury and consumer protection attorneys at Jinks, Crow and Dickson are not far from the beautiful city of Luverne. We have a reputation for excellence nationally with all of the amenities of a small town firm. We specialize in personal injury law with over 65 years of combined experience. We want to provide you legal relief from large corporations and companies. We have experience with single car, multi car, 18-wheeler, ATV, and commercial vehicle accidents, as well as issues with insurance bad faith, mobile home and new home construction, medical malpractice, and pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We often work on a contingency fee basis which means that we only get compensated if you do. Other times we work with our clients to ensure the best payment options for you.

With offices located conveniently in Union Springs and Montgomery, we aren’t far from Luverne. Additionally, we are willing to travel to meet with potential clients and have very good working relationships with attorneys in Luverne. If you would like to schedule a consult regarding a potential case please contact us at 334-738-4225.