Verdicts & Settlements

Verdicts and Settlements

After five years, a hard fought victory for rice clients. JC&D was among a group of lawyers working on behalf of all long grain rice farmers in the country to secure a $750 million settlement from Bayer CropScience due to Bayer's contamination of the nation's rice supply with genetically modified rice.

Jernigan v GM- Circuit Court of Bullock County, Alabama- automobile product liability- $122 million verdict

McIlvery v APAC - negligent road construction/wrongful death resulting in a $10 million verdict

Several product liability case settlements due to defects in an automobile ranging from $1 million to $6 million

Negligent tire placement/faulty road construction resulting in wrongful death- Bullock County settlement for $4 million

Moore v Alabama Power- Circuit Court of Bullock County, Alabama- faulty configuration of power supply pole that allowed a guide wire to become live resulting in permanent body injury- $3 million verdict

Green v ALFA- Circuit Court of Bullock County, Alabama-consumer fraud in connection with the sale of a life insurance policy- verdict $3 million.

Sanders v. Master's Touch Construction - Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Alabama - new home construction breach of warranty and negligence case - verdict $825,000

Negligent and wanton in design, manufacture, sale, distribution, and/or warning of a boat resulting in the death of a passenger- settlement for $750,000

Askew v. Community Bank & Trust of West Georgia - Circuit Court of Lee County, Alabama - bank fraud case - verdict $720,000

Product liability - defect in automobile causing vehicle fire and death- settlement $700,000.

Wheeler v Horton Homes-breach of warranty, negligence, wanton, and Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act- verdict $536,000

$450,000 in a logging equipment warranty case

Atwell v. Cole - home defect where the foundation was not prepared correctly causing defects in the foundation which resulted in an arbitral award for $355,000

Williams v. Smith Mobile Homes - Circuit Court of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama - breach of warranty, negligence and fraud case - verdict - $279,500

Ledbetter v Capital City Homes and Rodney Decker-- foundation of home was not built in accordance with the applicable standards, codes, plans, and specifications and the warranty to repair such problems was breached- arbitral award of $185,000

Threat v. Taylor - Circuit Court of Bullock County, Alabama - soft tissue personal injury motor vehicle accident case - verdict $150,000

Horn v. Ford Motor Company - Circuit Court of Russell County, Alabama - vehicle breach of warranty, Magnuson Moss case - verdict $75,000

Settled class action with CVS over fees for medical records.